Să mă tuit

De la tuităr:

Some users will be missing updates from their timeline due to a database issue we’re actively working to resolve. This won’t affect everyone and the updates are not permanently lost. Thanks for being patient as we work this out.

Update (4:40p): We’re making progress on the missing tweets problem. As of right now, updates should be flowing through normally. However, there will be some gaps from earlier in the day which we intend to backfill later. It’s possible we may experience another problem like (where not all updates appear in the timeline for some users). But we’re doing everything we can to address the situation.

Da’ ce treabă au tuitărele pierdute cu săraca poza mea? Am vrut să-mi etalez mai vechi valenţe metempsihotice şi zici că am poză de Cipru. Probleme mari de tot (hahaha).

pîsî: pregătesc mare leapşă fotografică în care sînt musai obligat să fac 33 de poze în casă. Cineva interesat încă de pe-acum?

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